Reduce lag in Darkfall: Rise of Agon

Darkfall: Rise of Agon is a fantasy MMORPG combining competitive first person combat with a dynamic sandbox environment. Battle with thousands of players in full loot, open world PvP and put your skills to the test in epic sieges and naval battles.

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Some players maybe affected by Darkfall: Rise of Agon lag, high Darkfall: Rise of Agon latency or high Darkfall: Rise of Agon ping. Using Battleping can reduce this problem.

Darkfall:Rise of Agon Ping

A high Darkfall:Rise of Agon ping is the result of having high Darkfall:Rise of Agon lag or latency. Generally the lower your ping, the faster and more responsive the game will be.

Darkfall:Rise of Agon Lag

Darkfall:Rise of Agon lag will slow down or delay the responsiveness of your character's when you command it to actions, such as moving and attacking.

Darkfall:Rise of Agon Latency

Darkfall:Rise of Agon Latency will cause delay when interacting with other players and computer controlled characters.

Darkfall:Rise of Agon Proxy / Darkfall:Rise of Agon Tunnel

Battleping is a high speed Proxy tunnel which can help to fix lag, latency and ping. Using Battleping will create an Darkfall:Rise of Agon tunnel connection between yourself and the Battleping server you have chosen. Game packets can be sent at a faster rate than normal. Your routing to the game servers will be different. This can help get around problems such as packet-loss or a faulty route which are a big cause of lag spikes.

The result is a more enjoyable and rewarding game experience.

Feeback of our lower ping services
Ping without Battleping:
Elder Scrolls Online : 160+
Guild Wars 2: 145+

Ping with Battleping:
Elder Scrolls Online: 120+
Guild Wars 2: 115+

From : Malaysia
Game : Diablo 3
Ping before BP: 400-800
Ping after BP: 240 - 280
* Thx BP*

Benefits you can get from a low ping
Less global cooldown lag results in higher dps

A lower ping is a must have for Raids and Arena

Receive less LOS or Out-of-Range errors

Goals of Battleping
Fast and friendly customer service

High quality network and servers

Maintaining an easy to use program for all

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