Setup of Battleping, our lower ping program

PLEASE NOTE: We do not support those playing on private or unofficial game servers. Please also check first that we support the game you are interested in.

IMPORTANT: If you receive an access Denied error while installing 1.4.2  restart your computer then install it again If you click Ignore to continue this may cause issues. 


Updated December 2017

DOWNLOAD Battleping 1.4.5 (exe format)
DOWNLOAD Battleping 1.4.5 (zip format)


Select a Server


Click Game Connection then start your game

I am on the free trial. How do I pay for your lower ping service?

Each time you open Battleping you will see two buttons to select - Trial or Member. If you wish to pay for the service select Member and then click the Create New Account link.

This will take you to our registration page. This will take you to your member page where you can then make payment through the PayPal facility (either PayPal account or Credit Card) or use or any of our other listed resellers to buy a time keycode you can add to your members area at our site.

More about offgamers can be read here
Feeback of our lower ping services
I live in central europe, though, since Tibia Servers were moved from Germany to UK, I had lag spikes every few seconds where the ping went up, and a lot of freezes / kicks, which got me frustrated. Since I was unable to play and hunt, I decided to give Batteping a shot and bought prem. Now that I'm using Battleping (German server), I have not had one lag in the past week, and was able to hunt and make levels again, and can enjoy the game.

After setting up and installing BP I tested it [FFXIV] out and the difference was night and day. I can now easily dodge out of the way and the Titan fight has turned from a progression blocking nightmare into just another dungeon for me. I thought all hope was lost and I was going to have to roll on JP servers to reduce my latency, but now I'm almost at level cap and enjoying the game again.

I am from Israel and here the internet is really bad... I have 12mb and I felt of 1 mb now I can play without problems and my ping is 120 max 160 and with 2mb.


If you play on one computer and then move across to a second computer you just need to deactivate BP first on the one you have finished playing. You will then be able to re-activate BP on the one you intend to play on.

Also if you go to reformat your machine deactivate BP first. Then re-activate it when ready to play again. If you do need to get a new ID, you can request one in your member's area.

Benefits you can get from a low ping
Less global cooldown lag results in higher dps

A lower ping is a must have for Raids and Arena

Receive less LOS or Out-of-Range errors

Goals of Battleping
Fast and friendly customer service

High quality network and servers

Maintaining an easy to use program for all

Australian Registered Business
Australian registered business ABN: 63 918 923 460

Experienced in proxy services delivering lower ping