Ping info FFXIV ARR
Hello, I would to know how much ping i should add to the ping that shows in battleping to know my ping to the game server if its possible?

atm East coast 1 pings 160+?? for me
and France 70+?? so is it possible to know the extra ping to the game server from battleping servers?
thank you.
East Coast 1/2 + 15ms
France + 95ms
Netherlands + 85
Germany 2 + 105
Germany 1,3,4 +90
England + 90
West Coast servers: 75 - 85

Germany 1, Has a current problem with FFXIV network so don't use this server at the moment.
I see, Thanx for the reply.
Sry that i use your Thread 4 my small question Big Grin

I just got my Membership and can` decide which Server i should pick. Germany 2/3 are around 15-20ms, East-Coast is something like 95-100. So..relying on your answer, East-Coast should be around 115, Germany around 120-125, is that correct?
So..would it be more wise to use East-Coast? I am playing FF14 ARR and the Servers should be located in Canada.
Thanks in advance!

Forgot 2 tell, i live in Germany Wink
Hi, i updated the list above to include the other Germany servers.

So based on your pings, i would try the Germany 3 server first.

I tried EC as well last evening but i got 2 or 3 DC's in 2 hours and switched to Germany 3. Seems very stable and it rly improves the connection so far.

Thank you for your fast answer!
I am also new and am unsure of what to look for on the servers. From what I gather the lower the ping the better????
As far as choosing servers are concerned the page says find the server closest to you for the game. How do you find out which server for that online game is closest to you?
Again the lowest ping is best?
I play several online games and I don't know where the servers are some are from overseas europe I think but I am sure they have North American servers.
A little techy knowledge on this for a newbie to this I am not a newbie to online gaming have been on line for several yrs now. But recently my computer has been very slow and lagging. Maybe time for a new puter this one is an 2013 build from dell. Nvida gt 635 vid card

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I just checked inside my puter and it seems to be very clean don't have any canned air will get some though as my fps is all over the place. I am thinking it is my net provider although it is fiber optics it seems very unstable
Hi, we can't help your FPS at all, Frames Per Seccond is not something your ISP could help with either, its your PC / Graphics card and Game settings.

Regarding your ping for FFXIV, There are Japan servers, Montreal Canada servers for USA, and I think the EU is in Germany.
Picking a server near the location you are playing for FFXIV may be best.

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