Crashing only while use Battleping on Black Desert Online
Frankie77 drop an email to
(11-16-2017, 03:35 PM)Tech Wrote: Frankie77 drop an email to

I would like to cancel my refund request !!
It seem to be working now after maintenance today with beta game setting.
I will take the risk even though it will disconnect on next day or next maintenance.
I really appreciate your excellent customer service, Thanks !!!
Hello, it was working again the current week after the update, with today's update it's not working anymore ,screen freezes after 20-25 minutes :/
Hello guy's, do you plan to work on the BDO problem ?

Just bought 1 month as it seemed to work for me, but i have the same problem than the other.

Wich it sucks as Battleping fixed my networking with BDO....

No we don't think we can fix it at least for now, We have been able to get it working for some users but not all.
We have removed the game from our Selection and supported games list.

I can issue you a refund Dingwall if you would like.
No thx for the refund i know battleping since ages now.
its not just battleping as 2 of the best PVN do the exact same thing as this...its ever since the company had crashing failures for everyone it seems that any good vpn will diconnect at 15-25-1hour30min- mark its not battleping but black desert that seems to have these problems and only on NA/EU servers as i have tested it with other servers and it works just fine

NA/EU will state if you bring the problem to them that "its not their problem" as they will not attempt to troubleshoot the problem as they dont provide support for 3rd party software.

But....there IS a way to ..."FIX" ...the problem...

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