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RE: Payment Methods - ramil - 03-28-2012

hi i dont have many but i only need to play ur battleping thank you

RE: Payment Methods - billing - 03-29-2012

Hi ramil

Don't quite understand your post. Can you clarify what you are asking .


RE: Payment Methods - lucastherock - 06-09-2012

wester union no Available, from Argentina to Malaysia, or Europe, and EU

RE: Payment Methods - billing - 06-09-2012

Hi, you can use Western Union for payment if you are in Argentina through OffGamers

I hope this answers your query.

RE: Payment Methods - martinicospain - 06-16-2013

i have a problem! what time key field what is this thing i have not this code what a need i payed 30 days and i cant finish my register

RE: Payment Methods - wewin - 06-16-2013

Hi - I checked your status. You are a member. When you pay through PayPal time is added to your account soon after. When you login to BP you will see you are a member and you can play without the trial account disconnections.


RE: Payment Methods - xena3 - 11-27-2013

There isn`t any option to pay from Argentine without credit card offgamers shows some options but they no recive Dinero mail metod anymore i used that way, western union do not send money to malasya i tried paysafecard but they dont work anymore to send money same with moneygram so we have not option to can get any item or key code, i hope dinero mail back that was easy and fast for us ( i know it is expensive but as i said was easy and fast)

RE: Payment Methods - Tech - 11-27-2013

Hi xena3.
I can offer you some suggestions: have some payment options available for Argentina. (Select Country in dropdown list top left) Then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Available Payment options.

Another option is: (If no online access available to you)
In Argentina you can buy from some shop/vendor a Ukash voucher and redeem it at Molpoints which sell Battleping TimeKey. (Mol)

UKash Locations in Argentina: (Spanish) (English)

RE: Payment Methods - xena3 - 11-28-2013

Ty for the sugges i ll check and tell you then if i have lucky with that.


RE: help! - lyzerg - 01-24-2014

hello! sry,I speak spanish,I am uruguay paysandu. I have a question, I can buy here in you page web oficcial for paypal? or I need buy in offgamers etc? If I can buy, how it works? thanks!!