Payment Methods
i bought it from the rpg store.
I saw you just added 30 days to your account via the Paypal link on our website.

If you also purchased a key from RPG Store you will need to contact RPG Store to ask about your key.
Yes. Thank you for helping me Smile. I didn't know that i could buy it from battleping account.
Please create an account at which is free, so those who use virtual credit targetar can pay your service, I have a MasterCard NETeller, and can not use PayPal, because PayPal does not accept, the Blast virtual NETeller use it all the time, and never had any problem, but it looks like paypal are the only ones who do not accept this card.

PS: if you create an account at neteller, i can make a transference and then you send me the code, o charge time in my account.


We will have a look into neteller later today.

I have emailed you on this.
Does the currency change from dollar to euro automatically or do I have to do something ?
With PayPal and Credit cards through PayPal the conversions are automatic.
0DP467119A752980R ----->>> Paypal order number

Plsease help my account name : csuszap

I didnt get time key field. Idont have key iam stil ltrial meber but i payed 30day mebership.

plese help !!!!!!!! Fast as possible

Hi Im very sorry, there does appear to be an issue with the system.
I have added some time to your account till billing take a further look.
Hello battle ping never Connections on ConquerOnlline so what i can do for connections?

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