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We have been asked about alternative payment methods outside credit cards and PayPal.
You can purchase a time key at one of our resellers and then you just add it in the buy time area in your member area.

Options include:


Here is where you can purchase a time key

To get your time key code then from OffGamers:

Once the order is processed and completed the codes are immediately viewable in the order history page of your OffGamers account.)

Once you have that login to your Battleping member area and paste the code into the time Key Code field.

MOL (now owned by Razer). You can now purchase a time key with molpoints (now RazerGold). MOL is a global virtual payment company that enables users who don't have access to credit card, or do not wish to use their credit card online to purchase digital goods. Many countries supported. Choose your country from the dropdown by clicking on the flag at the top of the page.

Sea Gamer Mall:

For South America you can check out

I already bought it from Razer. I got the codes and Pin. How do I activate it?

Just login to your member area and paste the timekey code into your member area at the bottom of the page. Then open your Battleping program and you are good to go.

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