Genshin Impact
Could this game be added to the list of detected games? I am personally connecting from Australia to the Asian servers. Would appreciate it.
This would be reall appreciated as I'm connecting from NZ to the Asian servers!
Will get back to you over the next couple of days.
We added it to the Beta option, under connection -> Advanced.

We have not tested it for long, only today but did not run into any connection issues yet.

Asia server is located in Japan, the Game is a UDP connection server link's marked (alpha) won't work.

You can use any of the Japan server, but if you have issue connecting directly to Japan then Sydney 3 may be the next best option.
Thanks a bunch!

Reduced my latency down to 130ms from 260ms, using Sydney 3.
any chances fro NA servers?
The NA server location looks to be located very close to Washington D.C, possibly Ashburn, Virginia
I’m getting 163 ms with Sydney 3. Anyway to get this lower from South Australia? Thanks.
No we can't help you get it any lower, Japan Genshin server may be a little lower latency than NA server for AU location.

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