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How to lower ping in games? Try Battleping.

Enjoy lower ping for our 60+ supported games.Reduced ping in games makes them so much more enjoyable and satisfying to play! Win more of those one on one battles! Survive longer. Be a more productive team player.

Battleping delivers faster connections and improved in-game response time to over 60 online games with it's ping reducing software. Battleping can also help with internet routing issues.

Our networks are strategically located on the US East & West Coast, Chicago, Texas, Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands and UK), Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

* The less lag the quicker your game will play
* A lower ping is a must have for Raids and Arena
* Receive less LOS or Out-of-Range errors

Smoother gameplay experience on these supported games:

Age of Conan, Age of WulinAge of Wushu, Aika, Aion inc. AION Classic, Allods OnlineAnarchy Online, ArcheAge, Aura KingdomBlack Gold, Blade and Soul (NA/Eu), C9 (Continent of the Ninth), Cabal 2Champions Online, Darkfall Online Unholy Wars, Darkfall: Rise of Agon, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, DC Universe Online, DK Online, Dragon Saga, Dragon's Prophet, Echo of Soul,  Eden Eternal, Elder Scrolls Online, Elsword, Eve Online, Everquest 2 Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Heroes of Newerth, Heroes of the Storm, Inspirit OnlineLa Tale, League of Legends (LOL) (NA/SEA), Lord of the Rings Online, Mortal Online, New World,  PanzarPath of Exile, Prius Online, Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online2 (+ North America), Rappelz, Requiem, Prime World, Rohan, Rose Online, Rift, Runes of Magic, SilkroadSmiteStarCraft II, StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR), Strife, Tera, The Secret World, Tibia (Standalone), Ultima Online, War Thunder, Wildstar, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft.
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Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker

is officially set to launch on 7th December...If you need a lower ping for this new expansion try our free trial today!

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How does Battleping help gamers?

Battleping creates a tunnel connection between yourself and the Battleping server you have chosen with our ping reducing software. Game packets are generally sent at a faster rate than normal and your routing to the game servers will be different ( packet-loss or a faulty route which are a big cause of lag spikes).

Lower ping results in a more enjoyable and rewarding game experience.

11+ years offering lower ping!

We kicked off in September 2010 and are still helping gamers achieve a smoother and thus a more enjoyable gamplay.

From the team, thank you all for your support and please Keep Safe!

Benefits you can get from a low ping
A more enjoyable player experience

Less lag = faster gameplay

A lower ping, a must have for Raids and Arena

Receive less LOS or Out-of-Range errors

Goals of Battleping
Deliver lower ping. Stabilise connections

Provide high quality global network and servers

Maintain an easy to use program for all and an active forum

Quality customer service

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